Horse Equip. & Accessories

We carry a large selection of saddle pads; sheets & blankets; halters; leads & ties; lungeing equipment; bandages & legwear; as well as bits, to outfit your horse for work or play.


Combo Pad

Halter Cavalier Web Halters - Well known for their strength and durability, Cavalier web halters are made from a medium weight web that is doubled and tripled in high stress areas. Brass plated hardware and smooth malleable iron halter squares reduce abrasion and fraying. Affordably priced, Cavalier halters are available in a wide range of fashion colours with leads and lunge lines to match.

Wonder Whips - Much more than a simple riding accessory, a proper whip is an indispensable training tool. Outstanding in quality and durability, Wonder Whips are properly weighted and perfectly balanced to help you communicate more effectively with your horse.

Picador Whips - Correctly styled and very practically priced, Picador whips and crops offer superior everyday performance and exceptional value.